Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tessier's Teas - 7 years, and still going strong!

With Tessier's Tempting Teas having been in business since late 2005, I am often asked what made me decide to start my business by new customers. In an effort to share the reasons, I thought about the explanations I usually give: 1. Many of the tea shops that carried the teas I liked went out of business. As a result I started spending WAY too much time driving around looking for the teas I liked the best 2. My children had moved out and as an empty nester, I had a lot more free time on my hands 3. I was hoping to find a way to combine my passion for tea with a way to make some extra money Now that I have been operating the business for 7 years, I have begun to reflect a little on how things have progressed. Would I do it all again? Absolutely! Would I change how I did things? Maybe a couple of things, I wouldn't have entered into a second business a number of years ago and I likely would have learned more about doing my own taxes from the beginning. Other than that, I hope to operate my business through to my retirement! I love my customers and I never tire of researching more about tea and it's health benefits. How many ventures let you shop for the items you love and share them with people?! My business will continue to evolve and improve, and I will continue go learn more everyday and bring in more interesting teas that improve my health and that of many others. Tessier's Tempting Teas really does help me sip my way to a better life :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tea, There's a Reason It's Popularity Just Keeps Increasing

During a time when it seems more and more difficult to slow down and get some quiet time to yourself, tea provides the perfect excuse to take a deep breath and sip great flavour that provides even greater comfort. With almost countless varieties and ways to serve it being introduced regularly, how can we resist the versatility of a beverage that can become the perfect addition to any event or setting?

In a society that is increasingly devoted to a healthier lifestyle, tea has become the perfect way to sip your way to a better life. It's antioxidants provide countless health benefits, and many teas are being developed to help work on a variety of health issues. Many teas come with claims that they will help you lose weight, sleep better, prevent disease, and many more benefits.

Do I believe that tea is that powerful? Yes, I do. I've seen it time after time. A person introduces tea as part of their daily routine, and loses weight. Is it the properties of the tea, the change in lifestyle? It could be both.

In my own experience, I started drinking Oolong and Green Tea to help with stomach issues. Did it work, yes, very well. I drink a minimum of 3-5 cups of Oolong, Green, Black or Rooibos daily. It helps provide me some of my daily intake of water. For me, this is a great help, since I find it difficult to drink 8 glasses of cold water daily. Does tea count as part of this, my doctor says yes it does. There are times when I travel or I'm busy and I don't drink as much. First of all, I often end up feeling dehydrated.

There are also teas developed to provide a variety of benefits, such as Total tea (Check here for more info)
A doctor developed this tea to help his patients with a number of ailments and symptoms that didn't seem to be treated easily through traditional methods. Testimonials for the product include weight loss, help with the inability to sleep, and a variety of other very positive benefits.

Whatever the benefits of enjoying a cup of tea may be for you, even if it's only that little chance to relax, if you're anything like me, it will continue to be an element of your daily routine for a long time to come...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Designing Gift Baskets for the Holidays

At this time of year, I start to begin planning for one of my favourite things. As part of the festive season, I begin purchasing/collecting items that I think would be useful or appropriate for gift baskets. A notepad here, something just the right colour to go with a planned theme, pretty Christmas/seasonal decorations and unique holiday mugs and teapots.

Nothing is more satisfying than taking what you know about a friend/family member/client and making a wonderful basket that you know they will appreciate! Some potential information that helps out includes: their favourite colour, what they collect or like, their favourite beverages and foods, what their kitchen decor is, whether they are formal or a bit more informal.

On one occasion, I found a pretty bone china (with carved rose) teapot, cream and sugar that my mother in-law liked on a shopping trip and used various co-ordinating shades of blue paper, tea and containers to make a dreamy cloud like basket that she lamented looked so beautiful she didn't want to pierce the shrink wrap. Watching someone well up with tears because their gift makes them so happy or send you a wonderful card as a thank you, if one of the best feelings in the world.

Whether it's a basket or just a well thought out gift, it's always more fulfilling when you put the right amount of effort into making it the perfect gift. All it takes is a little bit of pertinent info and the time and patience to make a little collection of something that only the recipient (and maybe a few envious onlookers) would consider a little slice of heaven.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Many of my best customers are men who drink their favourite varieties of tea regularly. They may not talk about it as much as some of the women that I know, in that it is more of a regular part of their daily routine. When I started selling tea, I noticed that there is no difference between the appreciation of tea as an amazing beverage between the sexes, just a very different method of expressing their love of the beverage.

Women will try a tea and share it with their friends and mention it to others. Men will ask about a tea, be pleased when you supply what they are looking for, and perhaps serve it to their company, but many are not as vocal about their love for it. It becomes something more that they buy and make just because they like it so much. So, on this Father's day, make sure you spend a few minutes with a dad you know, and maybe even share a cup of tea with them. It often means much more than it may appear to!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I always have fond memories or Mother's Day. Every Mother's Day, I made it a bit of a tradition to make dinner and dessert for my Mom. Although she spent many years making amazing dinners for family and friends, I always tried to make dinner and a nice dessert for Mother's Day.

Every year, I would try to make her favourite dishes, bake a pie or cake and of course we would drink tea with our dessert. Over tea, we would discuss things that always made me smile. What a great cook I had become (I always liked hearing that), what I was planning for the next few years, politics, you name it. Mom would tell stories about her years in France, the early years of her marriage, stories about the dances she used to go to as a teenager, what it was like for her growing up, all kinds of feel good conversation.

My Mom has been gone since 2003, but every Mother's day, I remember the many amazing conversations and stories told over a simple cup of black tea, and it reminds me why I opened my tea business and why tea plays such a big role in my life. Happy Mother's Day Mom. I don't think I'd need to tell her how much I miss her.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Best Things in Life are Those You're Most Passionate About....

No matter what happens in my day to day life, one of the constants is my passion for all things related to tea. Whether I am incredibly busy, tired, happy, having a great day, or just having an interesting conversation with a friend or colleague, tea always seems to be present.

The variety may vary based on the time of day, my mood, what's available at that time, and what I may be eating at the time. If it's morning it will probably be a black tea, perhaps English Breakfast or Darjeeling with my muffin or bagel. After lunch, I usually have an Earl Grey, and as the day progresses, I have more lower caffeine (green or white) and caffeine free (rooibos) teas.

Yes, I probably drink at least 4-5 cups per day. Do I feel healthier as a result, definitely! Will I continue? Of course :) Will I continue to try new types on a regular basis, yes. Milk, no, Coffee drinker, not at all. After all, it's all about tea.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Green Tea's Potential Anti Aging Properties

We all have days when we look in the mirror and think, wow where did those lines come from...A study in the Journal of Food Science found that drinking a single cup of green tea a day could provide anti-aging benefits. It was found to decrease the chance of developing high blood pressure by 46 percent...drinking more could boost the risk reduction by 65%. This along with mood elevating properties that are often mentioned regarding green tea, could potentially have you looking and feeling revived and maybe even looking younger....Next time I decide what kind of tea to have, I'll make sure at least one cup is green....